Ionia Michigan, Worship Re-Visited

I had posted a shortened version of this worship audio back in 2009.    I thought I had lost the original, but was blessed to find it on a back up hard drive.  So I have re-edited the entire worship service and uploaded it here.

Several years ago, during several revival meetings, we experienced amazing times of worship in a Charismatic Baptist Church.  Heaven came down.  People sang with intensity.  I was amazed as I listened to the recording afterwards, there was a lady singing word for word with me, a song that came spontaneously by the Spirit of God.  I had to listen to it several times to make sure it was not an angel. 

There was definitely something special about this worship time.  Afterwards, one of two 9 year old twin boys, received a powerful touch from God.  He lay on the floor and prophesied for about 45 minutes.  Quite amazing. (271) Visit us at www.revivaltimes.com 

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