In His Glory Series

This was recorded in Michigan about 8 years ago on an older keyboard.  My recording equipment was not as good as I have today, but it is reasonably good and captures the atmosphere of the meeting.

I have had requests to do some of the older songs like "There is something about that Name",  "HE's the Saviour of my soul", "Holy Spirit, thou art welcome in this place" , "Then sings my soul."  "SPIRIT of the living GOD fall afresh on me" "Hallelujah" and a number of others.  These are all songs I love and have done since way back in the late 60's when I began to lead worship with a guitar.  I have several worship recordings from 8 to 14 years ago and I found this one that has some of the golden oldies in it and I thought it would be a blessing to my subscribers.

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I trust you will be greatly blessed.

Gil Howard-Browne